Just. Don’t. Fall.

Like many of you, my blood pressure and anxiety go up as I’m watching skaters, skiers and snowboarders during the Olympics.  I just don’t want them to fall or crash.  And it doesn’t matter to me what country they’re from.

When I think of all the work, preparation and sacrifice every single one of those competitors has gone through, I truly want each performer to do his or her best.  I think not only of the competitor but his parents and family.  It’s great if someone you care about wins something, but more importantly you want them to be judged on the basis of what they’re truly capable of, not on a slip of the blade or a rough spot on the ice.

And is it just me or are the snowboarders and others involved in “slopestyle” and “X game” type events giving the Olympics a breath of fresh air?  They really seem to be having fun and to have a special camraderie, no matter what team they’re on.  I get the impression they’re genuinely pulling for each other.  Makes me pull for each of them all the more.

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