In Praise of the Humble Laundry Basket

phil snow

For years now, I have had a thing about laundry baskets.  I think they’re about the most versatile item ever.  I have used them to:

  • store outdoor plants temporarily when I’m transplanting them
  • as a container for newspapers before I recycle them
  • as a container for long-term storage (books, clothes, electronics, etc.)
  • in lieu of a suitcase when I go on driving trips

This last use is one that has been a source of mild embarrassment for family members: “There’s dad carrying his laundry basket into the Days Inn–tacky, tacky, tacky.”  I agree it is not elegant, but it makes packing shoes, clothing and my personal pillow so much easier than having to zip everything up tightly in a standard rolling suitcase.  (No, I’ve never used one on a plane.)

This past weekend, I was babysitting my granddaughter.  It had snowed but it wasn’t too cold.  I thought she needed an outing around the block, but I had no stroller or sled.  Then I noticed the laundry basket holding shoes in the mudroom.  Hmm.   The rest, as they say, is history.  When he saw the above photo, son Anthony texted: “An instant classic.”  What can I say?  He has a good eye.

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  • Christian Eric Farr

    Way to go Grandpa Phil!