I Receive a “Dubious Distinction”

I just received a “dubious distinction” and wanted you to hear it from me — and not through the grapevine.

It never occurred to me that one day I’d be mentioned in the same breath as Miss Foozie (Boystown’s most famous drag queen), Ronnie “Woo Woo” Wickers, Tamale Guy and Betty Loren Maltese–but life has a funny way of connecting us to others.

Guess I’ve finally made it!  For more details, read about TimeOut Chicago‘s 22 Chicago “celebrities.”

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  • Dave Smith

    Hi Phil,
    I don’t think so! I like the fact that you will talk to anyone about anything! Was that you speaking with me in the Red Line the other evening? You were incognito with a bike? We were talking about Luke 9:27 I like the fact that you are well rounded and will even talk to Jehovah’s Witnesses at our cart. But take me up on the offer for a Bible study! Nice talking to you. We meet people of all sorts but it was a pleasure to talk with you. Dave Smith p.s. I hope to never be in wikipedia