What I Didn’t Realize About Vegas!


Recently, I went to visit relatives in Las Vegas for the first time since they’d moved there.  I’d only been there once before (on business) and almost immediately wanted to turn around and come home.  No explanation needed — Las Vegas works for you or it doesn’t.

But, now, with loved ones living there I was willing to go back.  And wow, am I glad I did.

I didn’t realize that within 45 minutes of the city are some of the most striking and varied hiking trails imaginable.  Depending on the direction, you can find trails through soaring cliffs, through red rock deserts, alpine forests with waterfalls, or straight up to nearby peaks with jaw-dropping views.

My relatives and I took six hikes while I was there and the beauty was staggering.  And yes, we did see a couple of outstanding shows on the strip (including an excellent retro but hip Vegas headliner named Frankie Moreno!) but the main attractions for me were outside the city limits.

So, if you find yourself in “Sin City”, the real sin would be not to explore the stunning natural attractions which nothing on the strip can match.  By the way, can you find a television host you know in the above picture taken in the Valley of Fire State Park?

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