Three Generations of Singers

Last night we had Liz Callaway on the show.  She is an award-winning Broadway singer and is known for performing works by Stephen Sondheim and other prominent composers.  She’s also known for providing the vocals for the female leads in Disney animated films.

As many of you know she is also the daughter of John Callaway, who founded Chicago Tonight.  (She’s also the sister of well known chanteuse Ann Hampton Callaway.)  Liz was in town to perform so we decided it would be fun to have her on the show.  And she brought along a special guest to sing with her, son Nicholas Callaway Foster.

Young Nicholas recently graduated from Kenyon College where he sang with various student groups.  He said he got emotional during his last college performance and didn’t want his singing to stop, so he’s pursuing it professionally.  He’s got a beautiful baritone voice.  Given how much all of us here loved John, everyone in the studio was pretty teary eyed when Liz and her son performed a duet for us.  John would have been so, so pleased.

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  • Mike Noonan

    It was wonderful.. Got to hear my favorite singer, Liz Callaway, sing a duet with her son, a very talented performer. Also nice to Liz’a father- definitely runs in the genes.

  • Tina Lewis Rowe

    Such a beautifully talented family. A real treat for the world!

  • Michael John Lyons

    with those amazing Calloway genes, I’ve not surprised at his beautiful tenor voice…hope he conintues in his mom’s and aunt ann’s fabulous footsteps!