Do You Have a Workplace Etiquette Question for Miss Manners?

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 15th, I am taping an interview with Judith Martin aka “Miss Manners.”  Martin has a new book out called Miss Manners Minds Your Business in which she answers questions such as:

  • What do you say to someone who has just been fired?
  • What’s the difference between showing romantic interest and sexual harrassment?
  • Which colleagues shouldn’t be invited to one’s wedding?
  • How do you handle a supervisor’s request to contribute to a pet cause of hers?

The workplace is a potential minefield of etiquette quandries — especially now when there’s been a blurring of the lines between “friends” and “coworkers.”

If you’d like for me to ask Miss Manners a workplace etiquette question on your behalf, post the question here or on Facebook.  I may not be able to ask all the questions that are submitted, but I promise to ask some!  (By the way, the interview itself is currently scheduled to air on Thursday, October 17th).


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