Remember that French Hitchhiker I Picked Up?

Phil blogYou may recall that earlier this year I picked up two hitchhiking international students at 75th and Stony Island and blogged about what a good experience it had been; George was from China, Antoine from France.  They subsequently visited me in Chicago and we’ve stayed in touch.  I just received this email from Antoine, whose immediate professional aspirations involve working in India.  I thought it might be of interest:

Hello Phil,

How are you doing?  I have good news: I just got hired in a nice position in India in a French company and this is partly thanks to you.  Let me explain: the recruiter asked me the classic question “ what’s your best quality?”  I answered that people tend to trust me, she asked “how?” and I showed her the blog that you wrote about George and me.  She enjoyed it and that’s how I cleared the first round of interviews!

On Tuesday I’m starting technical training about packaging and by December 1st I’m flying to Bangalore (India) to start my actual mission.  Again I’m very thankful for what you did for us. I really hope that sooner or later I’ll host you either in France or India.

All the best,


I’m not sure if there’s a lesson in all this, but I am completely tickled by what has flowed from this chance encounter.

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  • Wow – What a great story! You have a good sense of who people are.