The New Normal?

Chicago Sun-Times Washington Bureau Chief, Lynn Sweet, reported over the weekend that President Obama is concerned that shootings will become the “new normal.”  This, after the recent shootings at the Washington Naval Yard and in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood that injured thirteen people.  I share the same concern.

I think it’s pretty easy to look at the location of a shooting, or the time of day, or the ethnic and racial backgrounds of the shooter/victims and think, “Well, that couldn’t happen to me.  I don’t go to neighborhoods like that.  And I’m not out that time of day, so I’ll be okay.”

That’s probably the way many of us once looked at terrorist attacks — that they were the sorts of things that happened in other parts of the world, not here.  We’ve learned differently.

Likewise, let’s not blissfully think that we are immune to what’s happening in other parts of the Chicago area.  And let’s not get used to it.  As the president said,  there is nothing normal about children dying in our streets from stray bullets.


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