The Time of Your Life

Very interested in Bill Daley’s assertion that he’s pulling out of the race for Illinois governor in large part because, at age 65, being governor is not how he wants to spend the better part of the next decade.

What else might have been part of the equation?  Well, there’s always the possibility that beating incumbent Pat Quinn in the Democratic primary was not a given.  And even had Daley won the primary, he may have realized that the time might be ripe for a Republican to win.  Or that even if he could have prevailed over the Republican, he would win what?  The pleasure of sparring with Mike Madigan in Springfield over a seemingly unsolvable pension mess?  Hmm, that sounds like a fun way to spend one’s golden years.

We are also hearing that Daley simply didn’t have the “fire in the belly” to endure the enormity of a political campaign.  Whatever.

Like any major life decision, a number of factors probably played into it.  So it’s probably a combination of all of the above.  But the bit about life being short resonates with me.  Tempus fugit, or so the saying goes.  Daley’s probably done a lot of us a favor by reminding us that the sands of time never stop pouring.


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