Lyme Time?

Really interesting segment on our show last night regarding Lyme disease.  I used to think of it as an issue mainly in New England and in the upper Midwest, not Illinois.  But, in each of the past couple of years, the state has set records of reported cases.  And it’s getting worse in the suburbs.  For example, 40 percent of the ticks in Lake County now carry the pathogen that causes it.  Yikes!

The other disturbing bit of news is that the Centers for Disease Control now estimate that the cases may actually number 10 times what is being reported.

Bottom line:  wear long pants, long sleeves and hats when you go into the woods or where there are tall grasses.  Experts also recommend using insect repellent, examining yourself for ticks and showering shortly after being out and about in the great outdoors.

And if you notice flu-like symptoms after an encounter with a tick (and especially if you notice a target-shaped rash) get yourself to a doctor.  Pronto.  Prompt treatment appears to cure it for most people, but left untreated it can develop into a very debilitating disease.  So hikers, campers and lovers of the outdoors, beware and be careful!  Check out the segment for more information.

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