What A Job!

Last night, Jay Shefsky did a feature on an occupation I had never heard of:  honeybee rescuer.  It seems that it’s not unusual for bees to set up their hives inside the walls of someone’s home.  When that happens, homeowners have the option of either calling an exterminator or…a bee rescuer.

The bee rescuer comes to your house, carefully removes the siding of your house so he can gain access to the hive (which in the case of the house last night, was 5 feet long!) and then painstakingly removes the bees and the queen using a gentle vacuum cleaner.

He then relocates the entire hive to a safe location.  At a time when Bee Colony Collapse Disorder is a real issue — one which threatens the ecosystem and the food chain — this seems like a particularly valuable job.  If you didn’t catch the program last night, check out the story.  It is incredibly cool!

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