My Son’s First Time on Television News

Back in 1982, I was working as a weekend reporter for WRTV, Channel 6, in Indianapolis.  One day I was assigned to cover the opening of a new space at the local children’s museum and I thought it would be fun to have one of my children do the closing “standup.”  Since Dan was the oldest (age 6) I thought he would be the logical choice to  handle the duties.  But Dan wanted no part of it.  Instead, he wanted to keep playing in the museum.  Maria was only 2, so she was a little young for the job.  So I went with middle child, Anthony–who’s always had an accommodating streak!

Above, you can see the results of our collaboration.  And yes, that really is what I looked like 31 years ago.  And that is Anthony at age 4.  I’m not sure this is what got him interested in a career in broadcasting (you can watch him on NBC-5), but evidently it didn’t hurt.

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