Dinner With Hitchhikers

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Remember those mystery hitchhikers I picked up earlier this year?  Here’s an update.  George and Antoine are now in the final two weeks of their graduate entrepreneurship program at Purdue University after which they will make their way back to China and France respectively.  Their program gave them a free weekend in Chicago so we got to have dinner on Saturday night.

When I visit a city, it’s always fun to get away from the downtown tourist sites and see some of the neighborhoods.  So I picked up George and Antoine from their downtown hotel and brought them back to my house in the Ravenswood neighborhood.  Then we walked to a favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Topics of conversation included:  labor unions (none in China!), the Cultural Revolution and the strict dining etiquette in France.  For dessert, we had cheesecake–which Frenchman Antoine found incomprehensible (“It’s either ‘cheese’ or ‘cake.'”  How can it be both?”)

Both George and Antoine will spend some time traveling in North America before they head back home.  In fact, Antoine actually plans to hitchhike in Canada and on the East Coast.  And even though things worked out fine with their hitchhiking experience so far, I strongly advised Antoine not to do it anymore–at least in the United States.  Ironic, ain’t it?

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  • Klaus Thiesen

    It appears they certainly enjoyed the guacamole dip! Glad your experience was positive.

  • Shubhanshu Sharma

    Mysterious hitchhiker Antoine… hmm.
    I must tell you he is also partially Indian..