It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Bling

The Stanley Cup afterglow continues for the Blackhawks.  But the cup itself is not the only piece of hardware the team gets to enjoy.  Coming up, of course, are the championship rings which, unlike the cup, team members get to keep.

“Rings” may not really be the right term for them — they’re more like small fists of encrusted gold.  Whenever I’ve interviewed a professional athlete who’s wearing a championship ring, the thought “understated” does not cross my mind.

But I’d never given any thought to how the rings are made.  Not only are they custom made to fit an individual player’s finger, they also have the player’s name as part of the design.  A Blackhawks-loving colleague (is there any other kind?) sent me the following video that shows just how the rings are made.  Who knew what a painstaking process it is?  And 404 gemstones?   As “Gollum “would say (from Lord of the Rings), “My precious!”

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