Just Stanley and Me

phil with cup

Okay.  I couldn’t resist.  If the Stanley Cup’s in the building, you just have to get a picture with it.  Unlike other trophies in sports, it seems to have a personality of its own and it’s one that’s loaded with charisma.  People get giddy around it.   I can’t remember a living luminary who has drawn as many staffers to the studio as the cup.

But here’s another thing.  If you’re a savvy marketer–and there’s no question Blackhawks President and CEO John McDonough is that–you would want as many people as possible to see the cup, to touch it, to kiss it!  Each encounter with the cup strengthens the bond between team and fan.  Each person who touches it or sees it is a potential ticket buyer or jersey (sweater) buyer.

Tune in to see Thee Cup on Chicago Tonight–along with McDonough and Stan Bowman, Vice President and General Manager of the Hawks.  They talk about what the last two weeks have been like and what the prospects are for hockey’s holy grail staying in Chicago next season.

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