Why I Love Jeff Garlin

If you’re a fan of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, there is no way you do not already love Chicago native Jeff Garlin.  He plays Jeff Greene, Larry David’s bad-boy manager–a character who’s highly flawed and who sometimes needs to be managed more by his client than the other way around.  But despite the character’s occasional (!?) sleaziness, there is something about Jeff Greene that is still appealing; yeah, his moral compass may be off, but his comic compass always points in the right direction.  So let’s just say that Garlin is a brilliant comic actor.

But the real reason I love Jeff Garlin is because he’s such a terrific guest on Chicago Tonight.  For me, comedians can be the trickiest people to interview.  Why?  Because, while they can be brilliant, they also can be unpredictable and not always in control–something that can give an interviewer fits.  Garlin strikes the perfect balance between spontaneity, looseness and unscripted zaniness with the conventions of a television interview.  He knows how far to push his comedic instincts during an interview without jumping off the tracks.

Maybe it comes from his training and background in improv and understanding the give-and-take inherent in a live performance.  Whatever it is, I know when Garlin is on our program, it is a treat for the viewer.  And the host!  Tune in to watch him tonight talking about his new movie, his new television series, whether “Curb” is coming back for another season AND to hear about his recent arrest (huh?)

(If you miss it tonight, you can watch it here later, along with a trailer of Garlin’s new film and a web extra conversation.  And here’s a link to his last appearance on the show last November when he came on with his mother!)

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