Why Didn’t You Go to the Blackhawks Parade and Rally?

This morning, when I was out for a jog, I saw a young family with three kids.  They were all dressed up in their Blackhawks gear obviously heading to the el to go to the downtown rally celebrating the team’s Stanley Cup victory.  Good for them, I thought!  What a great outing for a family.

Hundreds of thousands Chicago Blackhawks fans turned out today to watch the parade and rally.  Watching it on television, it looked like a lot of fun; the weather cooperated and the vibe seemed positive and loose (it might have been a little too loose on the podium!)

So, when was the last time you were part of a big downtown crowd celebrating something — whether it was the Blackhawks, the Bulls, or the election or re-election of President Obama?

Granted, it’s not as though these celebrations come along every year.  But if you have the wherewithall to go, can you really be a true fan and not show up?  Does a team’s celebration separate the true fans from the poseurs and Johnny (and Jill)-come-latelys?  What’s your formula for deciding whether or not you’ll be part of the masses?  The weather, the hassle, the time involved, transportation?

My excuse?  I have a touch of crowd-a-phobia and completely wilt in the midday sun.  So I salute you hardy, sun-ignoring, dehydrated, crowd-tolerant legions of red-and-black clothed fans who so loved your team that you made the effort to be present and accounted for.  I thank you for representing the rest of us by proxy!


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