Nuthin’ Like the Cup!

Great conversation last night with AP sports reporter Jim Litke about the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup.  One of the things we talked about was how the Cup is like no other trophy in professional sports.

For instance, it is the only trophy that has its own full-time (white-gloved) handler.  Unlike other sports, there is no duplicate copy which a team gets to keep and display permanently if it wins the championship.  Also, each player gets to spend personal time with it, take it home, drink beer from it, etc.  If that weren’t enough, each player gets his name inscribed on it, joining the names of previous Stanley Cup winners, giving him a touch of immortality.

The NHL obviously knows a good marketing vehicle when it sees it, but beyond that, the Cup does seem to have achieved an aura unlike any other trophy…or even Super Bowl ring.

There’s almost something Homeric about it, evoking the quests in antiquity, such as those for the Grail or the Golden Fleece.  Well, maybe that’s overstating it.  Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks may not be exactly like Jason and the Argonauts.  But here in Chicago, they may as well be!

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