Not Used to This!

As happy as I am about the Blackhawks winning last night, my reaction was not just joy–but a little bit of confusion.  I was psyched that an appealing, hard-working group of guys capped off a remarkable season with an improbable finish (I was watching the game by myself and let out a happy expletive after the two final goals!) — but not sure how to react to the fact that the Blackhawks had actually won another Stanley Cup.

Let’s face it.  Not since the running of the Bulls have Chicago sports fans enjoyed what it feels like to have–dare I say it?–something akin to a dynasty.  Or at least a yearly contender.

Despite my rooting for them, the Sox have been one-and-done since they won the World Series.  We’re still talking about the 1985 Bears, and as for the Cubs?  Well, never mind.

So I’m enjoying the feeling that maybe, just maybe, the Blackhawks are about to enter the pantheon of perennial contenders.  That would be a novel feeling.  But a great one!

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