Would You Have Picked Up This Hitchhiker? (Part Two)

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I have made at least one hundred trips to Indianapolis by taking Lake Shore Drive to Stony Island to the Skyway and have never seen a hitchhiker in the city portion of this route.  Ever.

So I was truly shocked when I saw the young man above holding a sign that said “West Lafayette.”  I drove past him but quickly glanced back and saw what appeared to be a second person with him.  Person two also had a large backpack and was engaged in a conversation with a passerby.

Now the drive to Indianapolis — as some of you may know — is pretty dull.  Additionally, some things were weighing on me so I thought maybe some on-the-road company would help.  So I drove around the block to get one more reading on the duo and here’s what I concluded in a split second when I came back around to the corner and saw them again:

  • They sure looked like college students
  • In fact, they looked like they could be geeky Purdue engineering students (says I, the Indiana University grad!)
  • They had the requisite student backpacks
  • They put out a positive vibe

So in an instant — and going strictly on my gut — I honked and waved for them to get in.  They looked surprised, then happy and when they got in one laughed and said, “That woman I was talking to just said we should go somewhere else to hitchhike because no one would ever pick us up here!”

Phil 3Phil 2

But these young men were not what they appeared to be or at least, what I assumed them to be.  Not by a long shot.  Tomorrow:  their identities revealed.

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  • Klaus Thiesen

    Phil, you probably saved a life. Or two!