The Guest Who Gave Me Nightmares

I have not kept track of how many guests I have interviewed over the course of my career.  I’m guessing the number is in the thousands.  The vast majority have been professional, prepared and not problematic.  That’s not to say there haven’t been many guests who have been challenging and even contentious interview subjects, but seldom beyond the bounds of what’s considered appropriate in the context of a robust encounter.

In other words, the overwhelming majority of guests have not caused me excessive stress before, during or after an interview.  They’ve caused me to diligently prepare, to focus and to work–yes, but extreme stress or anxiety?  Hardly ever.

Only one guest has actually given me nightmares, real nightmares.  The kind that have really scared the dickens out of me.  And I interviewed that person recently.  In the next post, I’ll reveal the culprit’s name!  (Bonus points if you can guess who.)

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  • I’ll guess Sandra Day O’Connor – and it was the kind of nightmare we all have had thinking we had not studied for the final exam but were in the room and having to take it. Having to interview a Supreme has to be a daunting challenge. BTW – you did it quite well, as usual!

  • Thomas H

    William Friedkin?

  • Nick Dirscherl

    Rachel Shteir?

  • John Hahn

    It MUST be Sandra Day…a human institution? The women there should be wearing the pants. Let those old men wear the robes.