Glad We Weren’t Wearing Them at the Same Time

Last night we had former Reagan budget director David Stockman on the show.  He has a new (lengthy!) book out which argues that the Federal Reserve’s perennially low interest rates and the move away from the gold standard have put America on the path to financial ruin.  He himself considers it a polemic against the policies of both Wall Street and the federal government.  Before the interview started, I told him I really liked his glasses–I thought they looked really sharp.  Then I took a closer look at them.  Egads, they were identical to mine: same brand, same style.  Regardless of what I think of his polemic, he sure has great taste in eyewear!



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  • Terry Belanger

    Let’s hope your economic views don’t match. The gold standard? Seriously?

  • John Hahn

    Yikes ! Many months ago. My first comment to you was about your glasses. This has come back to haunt me. At least your singing at the Sox game has won me over.