And now presenting…the Three Baritones!

You’ve probably heard of the Three Tenors, the Irish Tenors and the Ten Tenors, I assume?  Now comes word of a new group, the Three Baritones.  That’s what I’m calling a newly constituted group that will be singing the national anthem on opening day for the White Sox.  Those three singers happen to be me and my two sons, Dan (a reporter for WGN-TV) and Anthony (an anchor-reporter for NBC-5).  The Sox asked us and we couldn’t refuse.   For lifelong Sox fans, this is a huge honor!

As some of you may know, Dan was a professional singer (with the group he founded, Straight No Chaser) and Anthony has a nice singing voice, too.  Here’s a clip of them earlier this year singing at a charity event:

As for me, I haven’t performed the national anthem since I was part of a group called The Singing Ushers at East Chicago Washington High School in northwest Indiana.  We would sing the national anthem at basketball games and then help people to their seats.  Nice duty.

So we are rehearsing so we can try to do a decent job.  As I told my sons — to use baseball terminology — we don’t have to hit it out of the park, we just have to make contact with the ball.   Also, I hope that the law of low expectations will help carry the day!

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  • Rick

    Phil, Say you sing today with the boys and I was very jealous. I was in the Holiday Pops Chorus in December when Anthony performed. I have two boys who don’t sing and to be able to sing with your sons must be very special.

  • Gentlemen, thank you for treating out national anthem as it is meant to be treated, and not as an avenue to show off how cool one thinks one is, or how high one can sing a note not called for.

    And thanks to the Chicago White Sox for bringing in such a class act for opening day.

    Phil, Dan, and Anthony, what are you doing just before EVERY home game for the rest of the season?

  • John Hahn

    Very heartwarming. You treated the music as you did your sons: with love. Opening days need more of this. Thank you, all three of you.

  • Bob Guenzler

    As a retired HS Music Educator and former member of Chicago Symphony Chorus (1966-88) your performance of our National Anthem brought tears of joy to our eyes. My wife Mary Ann and I are regular viewers of Chicago Tonight. You sang the anthem as Francis Scott Key wrote it- with pride and conviction. Maybe the Cubs will give Wayne Messmer a day off so you three can show those other ball club fans how our National Anthem should be sung. Keep singing! I’m only 81 and still an active chorister in church and with community choral groups.

  • Alan Barney

    A great job, Ponce boys! I wish I had been there, but Carol forwarded me the link to your video. Now, are you all three really Sox fans?