The Three Components of a Great Vacation

bigbendA recent vacation to the vast and remote Big Bend National Park in west Texas got me to thinking about something a very smart person once told me about vacations.  He said that a great vacation has three components, and that, in a certain sense, the vacation itself can be the least important.  The three elements are:  the anticipation, the vacation experience, and the memories.  It’s true. 

bigbend2Being able to look forward to a planned vacation is such a stress reliever; knowing that a breather is on the way can do so much to help keep you centered.  This tranquilizer can last for months as you look forward to your trip.

bigbend3And the vacation itself, even if it’s only for a few days, does help you vacate your mind from its regular routine.  Going someplace new makes my senses hyper alert so that I have no choice but to be in the moment and not think about my normal routine.

bigbend4And to quote a cliché, memories last a lifetime.  When my wife and I were driving through Big Bend I said that I was upset that I wouldn’t be able to remember every single vista just as we were experiencing it.  But pictures help, right?  So here are a few to help you vacate–even if it’s for just a few seconds!

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  • Viviana

    Nice pictures! The only thing I didn’t like about driving thru Texas on my way to Mexico is that all I saw were tumbleweeds and cactus. Once in Mexico, I couldn’t really enjoy the view because I was worried about curves and animals.