And now…the movie???

Some of you may know that my son, Dan, started the a cappella group Straight No Chaser when he was an undergrad at Indiana University.  Years after graduation, one of the members posted one of their collegiate performances on YouTube.  Here it is:

YouTube Preview Image

This video went viral and it was seen by the head of Atlantic Records; he signed the group to a record deal, the guys came back together and now tour extensively.  They have appeared on PBS pledge specials and released several albums.  (Dan toured with the group for two years before deciding to return to broadcast journalism–at WGN TV.)

This whole SNC experience has been so much fun for our family–especially when the group was in its infancy and we would drive down to Bloomington to see them perform.  And now comes the prospect of the following.  If it actually comes to fruition, the family would be really tickled.  In the meantime, we are amused by the question, “Who will play Dan???!!!”

DreamWorks Planning Movie About A Cappella Group Straight No Chaser (Exclusive)

Straight No Chaser Group Album - S 2013

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  • Terry Belanger

    The obvious choice is that Dan should play himself. He has te acting chops from his old man.

  • S. Brandon

    It would be a travesty to have an actor play any of the guys in the current time frame; all thirteen of them should be in it. On the other hand, they’re a little old to be believable as college students now, so I think they should be having casting calls only for the college years. Not up on actors that young – I’d have to ask my daughter!

  • John Hahn

    Dan? I wonder if Justin Bieber would die his hair for the job.