We Knew Vivian Before She Was a Superstar

Photographer Vivian Maier continues to be hot, hot, hot.  You know the story:  mysterious Chicago-area nanny with foreign accent dies in obscurity.  Later, tens of thousands of undeveloped negatives are purchased at auction.  It turns out Vivian Maier was a wildly prolific street photographer who took the pictures; posthumously these pictures create a sensation in the art world.  She’s now been the subject of domestic and foreign newspaper and magazine articles, one-person shows, and much attention from the broadcast media — not to mention a following online.

But for the record:  Chicago Tonight may have been the first television show to do a story about her.  So, many props to Jay Shefsky for his highly viewed, curtain-raising story about her.  Jay and the rest of can proudly say, “We knew you when, Vivian!”

Here’s the link to Jay’s original piece:

Here’s another link to a trailer for a new documentary about her:

YouTube Preview Image



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