An Updated Look

I had a speaking engagement recently and the printed program included an outdated picture of me that the event sponsors had tracked down on their own.  In it, my hair was still all black and it looked like my first communion picture.  It embarrassed me to think people might have thought I had provided the picture and thought that’s what I still looked like.  (“Who’s he trying to kid?”)  So I’m in the process of updating my public photos.

This new one to the right was taken by my colleague, Ash-har Quraishi, in front of Channel 11.  And there is one thing he changed (that I know of!)  A few hours before he took the picture, I had been working in the yard and got poked in the eye with a branch on a bush.  I had a red ring of blood in my right eye.  Ash-har graciously fixed it through the magic of Photoshop.  So, I’ll keep an eye out for you and hope you keep checking in, too.  Here’s looking at you.

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  • Terry Belanger

    Either way, you look mahvelous

  • John Hahn

    May we now call you “winky?”