New School “Nutcracker”

Clara and the Rat King, photo courtesy of House Theatre

Living in one of the great theater cities in the world, I really should go to more shows.  But as my wife is quick to point out, there is nothing better than good live theater…and nothing worse than bad live theater;  so I am a little gun shy –particularly since I sometimes have a problem with the whole “suspension-of-disbelief” thing.

But, on Saturday morning, I read Chris Jones’ Chicago Tribune review of the House Theater’s production of The Nutcracker and it piqued my interest.  The same company’s production several years ago of The Sparrow had blown me away so, quick like a bunny, I got tickets for that night.

I’m so glad I did.  The review says it well.  It’s fresh, playful and hip–and it has a nice wow factor at the end.  But it also taps into the loss we feel when someone we love is no longer with us — especially on special occasions.   I wasn’t expecting to experience the range of emotions the play bracingly evoked —  much like Christmas itself.   Anyway, I’m no Chris Jones (or Hedy Weiss!), but I give this production a big thumbs up.  It is a perfect (and affordable) seasonal outing for you and anyone whose holiday company you value.

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  • Kirk Brewer

    Phil: I am really delighted to hear that Ann continues to cut through to the essence of things, in regard to theater and many other issues! Please give her my regards.

  • Will do, Kirk. Thanks…and Merry Christmas.

  • Kirk Brewer

    Merry Christmas to you, too, Phil.