A Thing We Have Never Done Before

We interviewed comedian and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Jeff Garlin last night and did something we’ve never done before. Jeff is in town to appear at Steppenwolf Theatre and happened to have his charming and lovely mother, Carole, with him when he came to Channel 11 to be interviewed. So just before the interview was to begin, we asked if his mother would like to be a part of it; they both agreed, so it was off to the races!

Mother and son regaled viewers with stories ranging from his early, bath-tub comedy routines to her reaction to the sometimes taste-pushing, jaw-droppingly awkward themes on Curb Your Enthusiasm (regular viewers of that HBO comedy series need no explanation).

Jeff’s mother was the perfect “straight man” for her son’s comic observations.  Jeff is a gifted improvisational comedian/actor and one can see where he got his poise.  Why did we extend the invitation?  It just seemed like it would work.  We’ve never invited the parent of a guest to appear on the show along with the guest at the last minute–and probably won’t again.  But check out this segment for a comedy duo that is just waiting for a television producer to make the act official.

Editor’s note: check in tomorrow for the answer to yesterday’s etiquette quiz.

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  • andy somma

    I loved the segment , and really think you should do a regular comedian-with-mom thing .