What Would YOU Have Done?

Say you were an audience member at a performance of vocal music in a fairly intimate theater (not a big arena setting).  Say you’d spent about $75 for a ticket, had to pay for valet parking because there was no street parking, and that it was a special Saturday night outing for you.  The performers are singing songs, many of which are familiar to the audience.  And before each song, one of the singers discreetly uses a pitch pipe to make sure the group is on key.

But soon into the concert, you realize the singing isn’t just coming from the stage:  the stranger sitting right next to you is not only singing along with the performers on stage, he is actually humming the pitch before each song, along with the singers!

Do you:

A.  Tell the person that he may not be aware of what he’s doing and to kindly stop?

B.  Tell him he has a lovely voice and should join the singers on stage so that the rest of the audience is not deprived of his performance?

C.  Say nothing and let his singing and pitch-humming be a distraction throughout the concert?

D.  Say nothing during the concert but something sarcastic to him afterwards such as:  “I’m surprised you didn’t take a curtain call and sing an encore, too.”

In a future post, I’ll tell you what I did.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear what YOU would have done!

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  • John Hahn

    Phil, Just stay home with your family.

  • Dena S

    I would say B- obviously they enjoy this group enough to attempt living vicariously through them at the concert!

  • Danielle Kellams

    E. Join him and throw in a few off-key notes (who am I kidding, all mine would be off key).

  • This is exactly what I would do :

    I get a real seriuos face, and look at him on his eyes telling him !! WOWW MY FRIEND WHAT A VOICE, and keep repeting and repeting the samething until I get him irritared and get the idea that his is runing my concert.
    He may learn the lesson of his life realizing how stupid he got to be.