Random Monday Morning Musings

1.  There was a phone message waiting for me when I came into the office today.  It was from a person who said he was a priest and long-time military chaplain.  He implored me to be “gentle, gentle, gentle” if we discussed the case of General Petraeus.  He said he felt the general’s overall record was exemplary and should not be judged by an episode of human frailty.

2.  When I watched that hit on Jay Cutler last night, it made me sick to my stomach.  The news that he has a concussion underscored my revulsion that our collective need for entertainment can take precedence over the future health of young athletes.  This, on a day when former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon announced a new phase of treatment for his early-onset dementia — believed to have been caused by numerous concussions.

3.  Nate Silver is a sweet guy.  Whether you love him or pillory him, the political statistics guru is an unassuming person who is comfortable in his own skin–and seems genuinely flummoxed over his celebrity status.  I hope you watch my interview with him on Chicago Tonight.

4.  Lastly, for the defining comment on the state of local TV news, check out this performance by my sons, Dan and Anthony, Saturday night at Roe Conn’s Newsapalooza (a benefit for people with developmental disabilities):

YouTube Preview Image



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