Some Random Post-Election Thoughts

The President’s parenthetical:  during his victory speech, President Obama had a throwaway line referring to people who waited in line for hours to vote saying that was a problem that needed to be fixed.  He should be held to that.

Gracious concession speeches:  why is it that some losing presidential candidates (Al Gore, John McCain, to name two) sometimes reveal appealing qualities when they lose that may not have been fully on display during the campaign itself — like authenticity and modesty?

Overseas precincts:  interesting that in opinion polls in other countries, only people surveyed in Israel and Pakistan would have preferred Romney over Obama.  I’ll have to run that last one by our former colleague, Mansoor Ali Khan, but U.S. drone attacks were clearly a factor.

Clarity:  as a citizen I am grateful that this campaign had a beginning, a middle and a timely end.  One may not be happy with the result, but at least the country has been spared the added strife of a contentious, acrimonious and belated resolution in the courts.

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