Why Does Voting Have To Be So Hard?

This morning my daughter went to vote at her usual voting site only to be told to go somewhere else to vote.  She did and was told the same thing.  So she went to the third location and was told she was not listed there either.  She tried to log on to the city’s elections website, but it was down.  When she went to the state election website, she was informed that the correct location was, in fact, the very first location she’d gone to!  Frustrated and angry, she decided to take a break and try again in the afternoon.

When I went to vote, I was determined to vote against retaining those judges deemed “unqualified” by the various bar association groups.  But on the ballot, the judges are not listed by alphabetical order, so one has to scan and rescan to find the names of the judges you want to vote against.  It is a real hassle…and I almost missed one.  It’s almost as though the powers that be do not WANT you to be able to find the bad judges.

And another thing — having to fill in an incomplete arrow for every choice one makes.  Really?  Is that the best and clearest format we can come up with?

It’s amazing to me that after 200 years of existence, this country has not made the most elemental task of being a citizen more user-friendly.  America is better than this.  And deserves better.


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  • Precinct Captain

    It’s not so hard in some places. Down in Champaign County, the ballot is easy to fill out by just coloring in the bubble and then feeding the ballot into the tabulator.