My Presidential Election Day Wish

If it was my birthday tomorrow and I was making a wish just before I blew out the candles, here’s what I’d wish for:

  • A clear winner–of both the popular vote and in the Electoral College
  • A consensus that the result was clear
  • A consensus that any irregularities were relatively insignificant and had no real impact on the result
  • No need for any recounts
  • A result known before people went to bed Tuesday night
  • No need for lawyers, courts, appeals, etc.
  • A sense in the losing camp that “we lost,” not “we were robbed.”

No, it’s not my birthday tomorrow and, yes, this would be a pretty long birthday-candles-are-burning wish, but it’s my wish anyway and I’m sticking to it.  And, yes, as a journalist, it would be juicier if one of the above were to happen, but I’m a citizen, too.  And as a citizen, I vote for clarity!

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