Visual Bait

Made You Look


I just found out that research apparently shows that pictures on blog posts not only make the posts look better, but that a blogger gets more traction on Facebook posts.  I am told that there is lots of data to show that posts without photos get little to no engagement (likes, shares, etc.)  Therefore, in an attempt to gain traction in the world of social media, I offer you this piece of classic Chicago-style Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza.  (And for you vegans, it’s spinach.)

I think it’s a particularly good picture for another reason:  the way the cheese has melted appears to give it an “eye” so that the slice of pizza is looking at the viewer.   (Research also shows that humans instinctively look for facial characteristics in non-human objects.)   So enjoy the cyclops pizza and thanks for giving me a little more traction.

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