Pick Your Sport

Tonight, fans of high-stakes competition have three choices of television viewing: the NFL game between the Bears and the Lions, the final game of the National League championship between Saint Louis and San Francisco, and the presidential debate between President Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney in Boca Raton.  Random thoughts:

– “Saint” and “San” mean the same thing, ergo if God is a baseball fan, He (or She) is probably not picking favorites.

– Be glad the Bears are playing in Chicago; Detroit police recently told visitors to enter Detroit “at their own risk.”

– “Boca Raton” means “rat’s mouth.”

And yes, the Bears need the win to keep their momentum going, and yes, tonight’s baseball game determines who gets to play in the World Series, but make no mistake:  the real blood sport will be in rat’s mouth.  Nothing else comes even close.

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