A Blogwood Tree

The unusual winter we’ve had has evolved into a banner spring for any plants that blossom.  I assume you’ve noticed how glorious all the blooming trees look?  I can’t remember when the redbuds, magnolias, dogwoods, etc., have put on such a show.

This Chicago spring reminds of me of the two years I spent in Washington, D.C., where spring really exists (unlike here where the seasons almost immediately segue from winter to summer.)  The dogwood in front of our house has never looked better or more laden with blossoms.  I thought it was blog worthy.  I hope your tree is too!



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  • Earlier this spring, I saw a great many trees, on the far north side of Chicago, and Evanston, covered in beautiful white flowers. I’d never seen this display. The flowers reminded me of crab apples, but the trees’ growth habit was different. I looked at a tree on my block now that its leaves are out, and have my best guess: hawthorne. Since hawthornes & crab apples are both in the Rose Family, the flowers are similar.