Thanks for the feedback!

Jay Shefsky and photographers Roy Alan and Dave Moyer recently did a story on my somewhat secret hobby/obsession of paper cutting.  Many viewers have been very generous with their feedback and I just want to say, “Thanks!”

The two featured pieces in the story were fun to make.  The first was a design of insects based on a pattern I found in a paper-cutting book–I spent about 30 hours (including trips to Staples to use their oversized copiers!) modifying the pattern by hand and adding new elements and figures.  The second large piece was completely original and reflected my lifelong love of birds.  Birds are great design elements and have inherent eye appeal–the curve of the wings and feathers are especially fun to cut.  Plus, who doesn’t like trees and flowers, too?

I have some ideas for future projects and will keep you posted!

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  • Mary

    It is so wrong to use tax payer money for the renovation of Wrigley Field. Here is a great idea, cut the extremely over inflated salaries of all the Cub players in half and that would be a great chunk of change to renovate. The taxpayers of Illinois are already over taxed no more taxes for frivolous over paid ball players.

  • Viviana

    Nice work, Phil!! My mother does crocheting, I sometimes regret not picking up the hobby. But your work is amazing!

  • Really amazing work, Phil. We here at Material Concepts really enjoyed watching the Paper Cuts video! We featured your work on our Tyvek Innovative Uses Blog and I wanted to thank you once again for sharing. You can check it out here