Rumblings on the Block

You may know that I happen to live on the same block as Mayor Emanuel.  There are rumblings on the block that Chicago teachers may be planning to demonstrate outside the mayor’s house Monday afternoon ( President’s Day, so there’s no school.)  I’m trying to pin down this tip and am waiting to hear from the CTU.   Stay tuned.

UPDATE:  The CTU says there will be a demonstration, but that it will be at Lakeview High School–a few blocks aways from the mayor’s house.  The drama continues.



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  • Viviana

    Feel sorry for you and the family. Better hope for a peaceful demo. 🙂

  • K. Burns

    The conditions in Chicago school make it nearly impossible for teachers to do their jobs. It is the BOARD. That man in charge is a clown and needs to learn how to speak English, for starters!

    One clown after another. Pitiful.

    Randomly interview teachers and ask them if that is not true.

    Teachers in the inner city deserve medals and not disdain!!!

    Forget the showcases.

    The state of Illinois requires by law a certain number of instructional minutes. Chicago has ALWAYS complied. The difference is every other district I have encountered, even in California, gets an hour of lunch, not 20 minutes as was agreed to with the schools with early dismissal.

    Mayor Emanuel needs to return to school and learn what a mayor is. A mayor is NOT a dictator.

    I have always been impressed with your intelligence, Phil!

    One of the first things he did was cut back on the libraries. What does that tell us?