A Talk Segment Blueprint

Yesterday, my son, Anthony, had laryngitis, so I filled in for him on “The Ponce Brothers” on WLS Radio 890AM.  The main topic that older son, Dan, and I took up was Maggie Daley’s death.  Thought you might be interested in some of the bullet points I prepared ahead of time.  We didn’t get to everything, but is there anything I missed?

  • Why did so many Chicagoans connect with her?
  • The way she handled her illness?
  • How she influenced the mayor and raised his awareness about the arts, culture, beautification?
  • Other ways she was an asset to the mayor?
  • Her political clout behind the scenes?
  • Anecdote about how the mayor thought Gallery 37 was a stupid idea when his staff recommended it — not knowing at first that Maggie was behind it.
  • Defining moment for Maggie and mayor:  the death of their young son, Kevin, from spina bifida?
  • Her legacy?
  • Does the public put too much pressure on first ladies–to be perfect, to be role models?
  • The line between a first lady’s public role and private life?
  • Did she create a template for Amy Rule?

Presidential first ladies

  • What makes an ideal first lady?
  • Reaction to Michelle Obama and Jill Biden getting booed recently at NASCAR race?
  • When does a first lady push things too far?  Pressure to stay on “safe” causes like nutrition, fitness, beautification?
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  • Viviana B.

    Nice…too bad I missed the show. From what I hear Mrs. Daley was a wonderful person. She is no longer suffering, she is in a deep sleep waiting for the “hour in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life…” (John 5:28-29). Viviana 🙂

  • John Hahn

    Simple. She had class. Hubby had clout.

  • In the Presidential First Ladies section, you listed “Pressure to stay on ‘safe’ causes like nutrition, fitness, beautification?” I think instead of “safe” the word should be “stereotypically women’s areas of interest.” If one followed even these concerns to their logical solutions, there would have to be radical changes in many aspects of the political, economic, and built landscape. Please note by “radical” I mean “of the root” which is the Latin meaning. Not a political adjective. But most definitely not “safe” for the powerful guardians of the status quo.

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