And the winner is…

Yesterday I asked readers to see if they could find the hidden image in our cat’s fur.  And yes, we have a winner!   Blue Sunflower “saw a 5 and possibly a 50” on Macy’s coat.  Congratulations, Blue Sunflower, whoever you are, on your keen eye.  Although I have to admit that I can kind of make out a girl with pigtails as julieako suggests.

Had we noticed this “50” emblazoned on her coat when we first got her from PAWS, “Macy” (a family name on my wife’s side) might not have been our name of choice.  In homage to the non-controversial rapper, 50 Cent, we probably would have named her “Fitty” (something we occasionally call her anyway).  Not that it matters.  The only thing Macy really responds to is the rattling noise made by the box of dry cat food as a serving is poured into her dish.

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  • Viviana B.

    Apparently my comment was not found to be funny. Sorry if I have offended anyone… ._.

  • Loved your comment, Viviana B! And thank you for reading the blog. Phil

  • John Hahn

    Guess I’ll have to get my eyes tuned-up…didn’t see it, at first. My last two cats were from the Lambs Farm — a wonderful place to adopt.

  • I’m late to the competition, so i know this is void but I’m trying to still play along, is the 50 the black part on her head?
    My partner loves cats, so ill see what she thinks is hidden; as she always mentions clouds and tries to figures out objects in them too.