In A New Light

Normal View

If you’re like me, it’s easy to stop really “seeing” someone or something that you think you know really well.  You’ve downloaded an image and unless there’s a radical and immediate change, that image persists.  It may be laziness triggered by familiarity.  But I had the experience fairly recently of seeing something completely new in something I thought I already knew intimately.

New View

We’ve had our cat, Macy, for several years; she’s affectionate and well-behaved.  I’ve always thought her markings were random and attractive.  But one day not too long ago, I was looking at her from a particular angle and a distinct image jumped out at me.  It was startling and funny.  See if the image jumps out for you too. If so, post your answer in the comments below!  (For those of you who see nothing, the answer tomorrow.)

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  • Viviana B.

    Oh no, don’t tell us you are seeing an image of “Mary” or “Jesus” on your cat now… 🙂

  • Blue Sunflower

    I see a “5” and possibly a “50”.

  • julieako

    I see a little girl with pigtails!

  • I think she looks kinda of like a pirate in the front shot. Would make a trusty companion.