Time Passes

Even before the recent heat wave, I had stopped wearing my watch every single day.  It finally dawned on me that wearing it was largely redundant since my cell phone always has the time on its face.  Not wearing a watch just seemed like one more way I could simplify my daily routine.  And I was put off by the thought of strapping it onto my wrist on recent days when the heat index was above 100.

Apparently more people may be feeling the same way.

There was a recent report that Swiss watchmakers are worried that younger generations rely so much on cell phones to get the time, that luxury watches may fade into fashion history (like spats , I guess, which, incidentally, the conductor at a recent Ravinia concert wore, making him look like a gesticulating penguin).

So the Swiss are ramping up their marketing efforts to get Americans to buy luxury watches as status symbols, a status they apparently have in Europe.  That may be a hard sell.  If the political parties don’t get their act together on the debt ceiling soon, our 401(k)s and mortgage rates will take a hit and people will clamp down on personal spending even more.  A luxury watch resurgence may have to wait.

I will still wear a watch occasionally, I suppose, but until Tom Skilling tells me the coast is clear, my left wrist will go blessedly unadorned.

P.S. No offense to the Swiss, of course.  The watch I normally wear is a $125 Swiss Army watch — an idea I copied from my ex-boss, Jim Lehrer — who does not wear spats.

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  • Right now I’m “between” nice watches which will go with some nice outfits for dressy occasions. Not enough income. I prefer to get my time from a watch mainly because the batteries last a lot longer than the charge in a cell phone. Also, the watch around your wrist is less likely to get stolen than a cell phone in your hand. Being part Swiss, I’ll have no problem when I can afford to buy an upscale Swiss watch. The cheap watch I have for my not-white-collar job is loose because my wrist is so thin. It’s in my pocket when I’m working. I’d like to see a better selection of pocket watches for those times when you don’t want it on your wrist. The other day I saw a guy drop his trucker’s wallet in a bus, but it didn’t hit the floor because it was chained to his belt. Pocket watches don’t have to be luxurious.