My Oddest Night at the Movies, Part 1

I really wanted to see the movie “Tree of Life.”  I’d read some reviews, was intrigued and my interest was further piqued by a rave review by my Chicago Tonight colleague, Paris Schutz.

So when I found myself out of town last weekend (in a Midwestern city which will go unnamed, but rhymes with “Minneapolis”) with a free Friday night, I decided to see it.  I convinced my wife and her parents to see it, too.

The movie was showing at the local “art” cinema–a pleasant multi-plex in a high-end shopping mall.  We walked up to the ticket seller and told her what movie we wanted to see.  She said something that struck me as very odd:  “You know this is an art movie, don’t you?  It’s very abstract and it lasts about two hours.”  Those were the words that came out of her mouth, but her tone was asking, “Do you know what the H you’re getting yourself into?”

I’d never been challenged by a movie ticket seller about my movie choice and didn’t know quite how to respond so I just mumbled something.  But it definitely made me feel like a third-grader.  Little did I know that class was just beginning.  Tomorrow, how the lesson continued once we got inside the theater!

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  • Joan M

    Your comment about the ticket agent questioning your movie selection reminds me of a night abou 15 years ago where I and two friends were going to see Woody Allen’s “Everyone Says I Love You” (title might be wrong) at the Biograph. While in line we saw, no lie: Gene Siskel! So we being somewhat boisterous south siders who have to travel N. to see anything remotely original, acted a little like star-struck kids. Gene sort of reluctantly asked us what we were in line to see – and when I told him, his response was “you’re better off seeing “Jerry Mc Guire.” I was a little offended since I made a special trip for the other movie, which was not widely released. YEARS later I saw Jerry McGuire on tv and I respectfully beg to differ with Gene’s advice that night!