A Mayo Kind of House

Last night, Kris Kridel outed me on Chicago Tonight.  It came at the end of our weekly business segment right after she’d discussed a marketing “war” between real mayonnaise and Miracle Whip.  I asked her what camp she was in and she said she was a Miracle Whip person.  Then she asked for my preference and I told her the truth:  my wife doesn’t allow Miracle Whip in the house.  She insists on real mayonnaise.

And she doesn’t allow margarine or Cool Whip.  A co-worker thought I was kidding.  Nope, my wife is an authentic-ingredients kind of person.  Her philosophy is the same as Julia Child’s:  use real ingredients (even if they’re higher in fat and calories) and you’ll actually wind up eating much less because your taste buds will be satisfied.  My wife’s been slim all her life, so that approach works for her.

Other banned items:  pre-baked pie crusts, grocery store cookies and any kind of squirt cheese, to name a few.  But I’m glad for the higher standards.  Left to my own devices, I would be happily lost in a world of Ho-Hos, store-bought pies and TV dinners, oblivious to the wonders of a fresh sandwich, made with real mayonnaise, crisp lettuce and a juicy slice of tomato.

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  • Cheryl

    It’s Miracle Whip all the way for me…but I can’t fault your wife for the ban on cheese in a can!! Blech!!

  • Peggy Sanders

    My kind of woman! Real food all the way. But I go with Miracle Whip, which I don’t view as inauthentic. After all, my mother, my mother-in-law and therefore, my husband, all prefer Miracle Whip!

  • Bruce

    Good for your wife! The best mayonnaise is Duke’s Mayonnaise, a southern tradition. It beats Miracle Whip and all other mayonnaise hands down.

  • Eddena Hissong

    Phil, I use salad dressing instead of either Mayo or Mircle Whip.. it is tangy so you dont need to add any mustard or vinegar to many things and it brings out the taste of various salads (tune, chicken, etc.) But your wife is correct and probably in onto something. Back when we were growing up there were not as many package items, things were either made or grown (mayonaise is oil and eggs whipped) butter is a better than margaine when cooking. I dont remember that many obease children or women. We walked to places downtown in various communities, kids played outside not being afraid to have things happen to them other than a skinned knee or elbow. Maybe progress is good in someways and worse in other. But I, if I could afford it, like Mircle Whip but it has a sweet taste.