A Summer Miracle

A lot of people don’t realize that cactus grows in the midwest and will survive the winters. I have some prickly pear cactus growing in a sunny corner of the yard and they do really well.

One of the miracles of the summer is when the cactus gives a flower. The picture below–taken on a cell phone — doesn’t do the flower justice. The petals have a thick, translucent quality, almost like stained glass. I suppose if you’ve lived close to a desert in the southwest, you’ve seen them a hundred times. But for me, it’s a brief window to celebrate the flower’s appearance.

cactus flower

And brief it is. It blooms in full for about a day and then quickly expires. What a metaphor!

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  • dmg

    I have one too, and I have the best photo of it, wish I could share. Would love for your followers to see it. It came all the way from Wisconsin, my husband dug it up from his mom’s yard after she passed, been growing in our backyard here in West Chicago for approx. 15 years now. AN amazing thing, considering our winters here……

  • Barbara Mendelsohn

    Dug some up years ago in Ottawa, IL where soil is sandy (and glass manufacturing flourished ). Brought some soil too and cacti did very well. That first year it bloomed neighbors were awestruck.