The New Unmarked Rebel?

I saw a hip-looking young man walking down the street with a couple of friends and realized there was something different about him. He was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and shorts and his friends were also dressed in summer clothing. But unlike his friends, he had no visible tattoos. Next to them, he looked like a blank canvas.

Recently there was a story in the paper about a grandmother who is heavily tattooed and who draws gasps from her fellow seniors. It reminded me of what others have said — that if tattoos have crept onto the bodies of the middle-class mainstream and of the elderly, the tattoo party is over. I mean, how edgy are tattoos if your minister has one? “Oooh, the company comptroller has a tattoo on her neck? Wow, ain’t she a corporate rebel???”

Looking at the young man sans tats made me wonder: will an unmarked body be the new sign of rebellion and are the ink-stained masses hopelessly passé? What do you think?

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  • Sean K

    I’ve always wondered what will happen when old folks homes are littered with wrinkly tattoos. I have some heavily-tattooed friends who recently had a baby – I think his form of rebellion will be growing up tattoo-free, straight-edge, and on the Dean’s List.

  • The Tot

    The fact that you NOTICED a young guy *without* ink speaks volumes. I agree – tat-less is the new form of rebellion!