Grading the Teacher, Part Two

Recently I heard a prominent Chicago lawyer –whose name you would probably recognize– tell a story about a student evaluation he once received after teaching a course at Northwestern University. The evaluation said, “If I knew I had just two hours to live, I would want to spend it in Professor X’s classroom.”

When he read this evaluation, he said his heart soared with joy and pride. What a compliment! What a tribute! What an affirmation of the lawyer’s prowess in the classroom! But then he noticed an asterisk at the end of the sentence which led to the instruction, “Please turn over.” When he turned the page over, the evaluation continued: “It would seem like an eternity!”

I can’t imagine this lawyer getting an evaluation like that and assume that it’s just a great story that he wanted to pass on to his audience. But it does serve to remind those of us who are called upon to pass judgment on others that one day the same thing will happen to us!

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