Goodbye to a Loyal Viewer

Every now and then, those of us fortunate enough to work on this show get some feedback that makes our work especially rewarding. I recently received a phone call from someone who is a regular guest on this program. He told me that his mother had died and he forwarded me her obituary.

Avis Morgan Sykuta

Avis Morgan Sykuta

Her name was Avis Morgan Sykuta. Her obituary reads, in part, “She was, perhaps, the most loyal viewer ever of Chicago’s premier nightly public affairs television show, WTTW’s Chicago Tonight. She loved to discuss and debate the issues presented.”

Obviously, it’s not the most important part of the obituary. That would be the part that describes how much she was loved by her family, including her late husband, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even a great-great grandson! And the obituary also reveals someone who loved the arts and who had an active, engaged relationship with her church and community. In short, a person in full who lived a rich, connected life.

But to be mentioned in her obituary is a high honor and for that we are grateful. And we are grateful to all our viewers who, by tuning in to our program, invite us into their homes and make us a part of their lives. Our thanks to Avis Sykuta for being part of our viewing family and our sincere condolences to all the people who loved her.

To read Avis Morgan Sykuta’s full obituary, click here.

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