An Election Day Thank-You

I do my best to stay informed on the political candidates and the issues.  But honestly, most of my attention goes to the races for the major offices.  Few of us have the time to be conversant with every single race that appears on the ballot.  So a big shout-out to the editorial boards of the major newspapers who do the footwork so that the rest of us can at least consider their recommendations.

This morning my daughter and I happened to be voting at the same time.  I asked her if she wanted to see the list of endorsements I’d brought along from one of the papers.  She asked a logical question: “How do you know you can trust them?”

I said I knew some of the people on the editorial board, thought they were smart, and had given this a lot of thought.  I also said I wasn’t accepting all their endorsements, but I took their advice seriously on some of the races I hadn’t studied well–and was certainly voting as they recommended on the judges who should be sacked.  She accepted the clipping.

As newspapers struggle to stay afloat financially, let’s not forget this important role they play every election.  They inform, they prod, they question.  We citizens are the beneficiaries.  With so much un-vetted racket in the blogosphere, it’s a remarkable service to have a group of smart, known people giving us the benefit of their brains, insights, and political philosophy.  It’s like a group of grown-ups giving you advice–you don’t have to take it, but are better for having heard them out in the first place.

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  • T. Clarke

    How do we dare have reporters, news analyists and politicians sit in front of the public and no one addresses our ongoing wars in Iraq and Afganistan? Have we gotten so cynical that the men and treasure expended in our name no longer is worthy of our concerns? For shame on all of us!

  • Joe P.

    Phil – how can you say that you didn’t have time to find out what the candidates were about? All you had to do was see which one actually had said anything specific in any of their appearances and that would be the one to trust. How can you say to us that the media has a clue? The media only allowed all the BS to continue in this election cycle. Why did any of them allow all the negative ads to play? Is it maybe MONEY??????? How can you trust a media that focuses on MONEY instead of forcing candidates to give actual facts about what they are going to do while in office?

    The MEDIA is a cancer in politics today.

  • Ryan Graves

    Dear Phil,
    I would first like to say I thoroughly enjoy your program. Please go to and help this 28yr old union worker from the southwest side of Chicago get elected Mayor of Chicago. This is a completely self financed grassroots campaign, and I had an ad in last thursday’s SunTimes page 17. I will also be running ads next 3 days in the SunTimes and Daily Southtown. I am the only candidate with no special interests and a full time job to go along with campaigning full time. I only want City Government to be fair with everyone. I have already visited the 2nd, 11th,12th,13th,14th,15th,18th,22nd,23rd,25th, and of course my own 19th ward to discuss problems other than jobs or housing. I have about half of the required 12,500 signatures needed by the Nov. 22nd filing date, and hope to get a buffer assuming Rahm Emanuel my wealthy opponent will challenge me. I think a plug or appearance on your show could help a lot, since I have little or no media coverage. You can hear me tackle some issues from Wednesday mornings radio show , I also hope to have that uploaded onto my website later today. Phil Kadner from the Daily Southtown also stopped by this morning to do a piece for Friday’s paper. I think it could be fun and interesting and truly root out corruption if I were given a local boost from you guys. Thank you for your time.
    Ryan Graves
    Candidate for Mayor of Chicago